Check out a selection of images and videos captured on and around the estate by ourselves and our guests.

March 2024 Hedge Planting

I was lucky to get the A Team to plant my new hedges. Tom and Kenny, the best of the best. Thanks lads you have done a tremendous job.

Tree Planting January 2024

Ella finds tree planting very boring

October 2023- New Lake

A mouse took a walk in the tall dark wood

The mouse saw a lake

and said “That’s not good”

Landy and Labs in the mist

Can’t go a Landy adventure without the A team..

Fallen Oak in Paradise

Rather than chopping up for firewood we have fenced this old fallen oak in. More things live on a dead oak than a live one. So hopefully home to many creatures plus I am hoping the new oaks we have planted around it will benefit from their parent’s mychoryzal fungi as they have come from acorns of the same tree..let’s see

Winter's evening at Greenside

Bird Hide open for business

Kids doing the John Muir Award get an intro to the new bird hide

Yellow Hammers off the scale

300 yellowhammers counted in our recent winter bird count- loving uncut meadows

Photographic paper in landscape

Chris Woodcock has been experimenting with new techniques around the farm

Old Rig and Furrow- pic by Chris Woodcock

Path through Charlies Wood by Chris Woodcock